Do you accept returns or exchanges?

We do! We accept returns within 21 days from date of delivery, exchanges may be made in up to 60 days and the item must be in new, unused condition. If you're in the NYC area, feel free to come by any of our upcoming events listed on the homepage to make the return or exchange in person. If outside NYC, please ship the item back to us in the original, or similar packaging.

If exchanging, please include 1) A note saying which product you'd like in exchange, 2) A check in the amount of $6.95 made out to Line Posters, Inc. for the return shipping, and 3) Complete shipping details with contact info. If returning, please include a note indicating you would like a refund.

In both cases, please include your original order number if possible. NOTE: Unfortunately we are not able to refund shipping charges. Refunds and exchanges are not permitted on purchases made with framing options.

Can I request a city?

Absolutely! We welcome requests because it helps us figure out which cities we want to release in the future. We can't guarantee it will make it's way to our inventory but hearing what people want to see helps a great deal in the decision making process. All of the cities we currently carry were added this way so yours could be next!

Can I purchase a custom size/color/city not shown on the website?

Unfortunately, very sadly, no. A great deal of time and material set up is involved with our processes so everything must be printed in larger quantities. Producing items this way is what helps us keep them affordable. However, LinePosters is a growing company so there are a lot of new options yet to come. Stay tuned for new color combinations and new cities down the road.

Are the designs accurate or to-scale? Are they tracings?

All of the designs are artistic representations of that particular city's transit system. This means that while all lines were inspired by the map(s) pertaining to that city, they have been drawn independently and represent a stylized illustration relating to that city. They are meant to be visually appealing rather than geographically accurate which leaves them open to interpretation and make for great conversation starters.

How do you decide which maps to use as inspiration for each city?

LinePosters researches various transit maps pertaining to each city produced. Many of the designs are based on composite transit maps which incorporate multiple systems into one. Most often we try to use maps that most users relate to that city and are also visually complex.

What's the difference between a screen print and offset printed poster?

A screen print (commonly known as silkscreen) is made by a "stencil" process. A fine mesh screen is photo-chemically exposed with the design. Anywhere the artwork is will be open in the mesh and anywhere it's not will be closed. The printer then pulls ink across the screen with a squeegee to transfer the design onto the paper or t-shirt below. In this case, the ink actually sits upon the paper so texture can be felt if you run your finger over the design. This is a handmade (and therefore imperfect) process but the aesthetic of these prints has come to be very popular.

Offset printing involves a large press that transfers the inked design from a plate to a rubber blanket to the paper. With this process, the ink is absorbed by the paper so the surface is completely smooth. Offset or lithographic printing yields the highest quality print in terms of crispness or clarity.

How do I find out which retail markets you'll be doing in the NYC area?

We have a list of upcoming events on the homepage. You can also "Like Us" on Facebook or join our mailing list to receive updates.

Are there any new products you're working on?

Definitely! Join our mailing list for occasional updates on what LinePosters has going on.

Will my contact info or email be shared?

Never. We will only use your contact info as it pertains to your order with us.

Do you sell wholesale?

We do! Contact wholesale@lineposters.com with some information about your store, where you're located, and which of our products you're interested in carrying.

Do you have press images?

We do! Please contact cayla@lineposters.com